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Creator Berry (Dane County, Wis. : Town)
Title Town of Berry (Dane County, Wis.) records
Dates of Creation 1850-1972.
Physical Description 16 full size archives boxes, 2 half size archives boxes, and 2 flat boxes
Conditions of Access & Use Note that Box 1, Folder 6 contains confidential information.
Language of Material English
Scope & Content Town of Berry Records consists of office records of the town clerk, including materials relating to taxation and assessments, schools, licensing, elections, vital statistics, maps, the town library, military affairs, and internal personnel records. There are also very fragmentary annual reports and assessment data from other townships in the area.

An inventory exists for this collection. Online users please see Inventory below. In-house users please click on the Custom button at the right to go to the Inventory field.
Archival History Gift of John Dallman, March 28, 1980 and July 31, 1981. Accession number 1980.005 and 1981.004
Subjects Municipal government
Municipal services
Marriage certificates
Places1 Berry (Dane County, Wis. : Town)
Object Name Records
Call Number ARM 80-03
Catalog ID Number 1980.005.0001
Collection Inventory The following 4-page inventory to the Town of Berry (Dane County, Wis.) Records is included primarily for searching purposes. A more readable version is available the the Dane County Historical Society's records center. Please contact the DCHS for more information.

Contents List

Clerk's General Record Books
Box 18Vol. 871850-1860
Box 18Vol. 881866-1881
Box 19Vol. 891881-1887
Box 19Vol. 901888-1894
Box 19Vol. 911894-1905
Box 20Vol. 921905-1923

Box 1Folder 1Burial Permits, 1924-1929, undated

Box 18Vol. 86Chattel Mortgage Record, 1930-1931
Scope note: Only contains a few entries. Recorded is date of filing and date of contract, document number, names of mortgagor and mortgagee, price, and property concerned.

Box 1Folder 2Civil Defense, 1941-1942, 1964-1965
Scope note: Includes 3 pamphlets and several World War II near-print instructions; 3 1942 volunteer enrollment cards, Berry resolution to participate in a county civil defense program, 1964-65.

Box 18Vol. 85Conditional Sales Contract Record, 1930-1931
Scope note: Like Chattel Mortgage Record above, only contains a few entries. Recorded is date of filing and date of contract, document number, names of buyer and seller, price, and description of goods.

Box 1Folder 3Dogs, 1957-1971
Scope note: Includes (1) Assessors Reports to the Dept. of Agriculture, 1957, 1959-1964, listing name of each dog owner, address, number and sex of dogs, and sometimes breed; (2) small undated sheets listing the sex of dogs, signed by the owner; and (3) Owner's Claim for Damages to Animals (i.e., damage done by dogs), 1957-1962, 1968; and blank forms.

Ballots, Tally-Sheets, and Reports
Box 3Folder 11929-1940
Box 3Folder 21941-1971
Box 3Folder 3Lists of Men in Service for Voting Purposes, undated
Box 3Folder 4Miscellaneous Papers, 1929-1966
Box 3Poll Lists, 1929-1961 (59 booklets)

Box 1Folder 4Injury Reports, 1948-1953
Box 1Folder 5Insurance Posters, 1961, undated
Box 1Folder 6Wages, 1965, 1969-1972
Note: Box 1, Folder 6 is restricted because it includes Social Security numbers.

Box 1Folder 7Fire Protection, 1934, 1952-1964
Scope note: Includes agreements with neighboring municipalities and statements of fire runs and charges, 1934, 1952-1964; and Fire Report forms listing details on each fire run including the name of firemen responding, the time, owner, address, kind of fire, etc., 1961-1967.

Box 1Folder 8Insurance Coverage, 1928-1936, 1959-1972

Licensing (primarily applications)
Box 1Folder 9Bulletins and Form Letters from the State of Wisconsin, 1936-1969
Box 1Folder 10Cigarette Licenses, 1944-1968
Box 1Folder 11"Operator's" (Bartenders) Licenses, 1944-1970
Box 1Folder 12Special Class B. License at Gatherings or Picnics, 1963-1967
Box 2Folder 1Tavern Licenses, 1933-1969
Box 2Folder 2Wholesalers' Reports, 1967-1968
Box 2Folder 3Solid Waste Disposal License, 1969

Box 6Maps, 1960s and undated
Note: Often with annotations of road work done or proposed.

Box 2Folder 4Roads, 1964-1969
Note: Some of the maps in Box 6 may have originally been in this folder.

Box 2Folder 5Schools, 1930-1972

Taxation and Finance
Box 4Folder 1Abstracts of Assessment and Taxes, 1935, 1950-1971
Scope note: Annual lists of names of taxpayers, acres owned, valuation of land and buildings and of personal property, and amount of taxes levied. These are usually printed and multiple copies of each list are present.

Annual Reports
Box 4Folder 21935, 1941-1969
Box 4Folder 31970-1978

Box 5Folder 1Assessment Objections and Board of Review Records, 1951-1952, 1968-1970

Assessment and Tax Rolls
Scope note: Though some of these volumes are labeled "Assessment Rolls" and some "Tax Rolls", they do not record actual payment of taxes. They concern both real estate and personal property.
Box 7Vol. 1-131851-1865 (no 1857; no 1864)
Box 8Vol. 14-221866-1875 (no 1874)
Box 9Vol. 23-311876-1884
Box 10Vol. 32-391885-1892
Box 11Vol. 40-471893-1900
Box 16Vol. 801901
Box 12-Vol. 48-531901-1906
Box 13Vol. 54-581908-1912 (no 1907)
Box 14-Vol. 49-661914-1921 (no 1913)
Box 15Vol. 67-741922-1929
Box 16Vol. 75-781930-1934 (no 1931)
Box 17Vol. 791936 (no 1935)
Box 17Vol. 81-83Personal Property Tax Rolls, 1952-1960

Box 16-Vol. 84"Cancellation Book," 1879-`890, 1904-1906
Scope note: Records amount paid by the Town to individuals, name of payee, date, and reason for payment.

Box 5Folder 2County Clerk's Apportionment of State and County Property Taxes and Charges, 1947-1952, 1957, 1959-1963
Scope note: These are from the County Clerk to the Town. Some of these documents for other years are glued into the statements in Box 5 Folder 7 below.
Box 4Folder 4Dane County Equalization, 1961, 1964
Box 5Folder 3Miscellany
Box 5Folder 4Report of Receipts, Disbursements and Public Debt, made to the State of Wisconsin, 1910-1931, 1943-1968
Box 5Folder 5School District Valuations, 1953-1964
Box 5Folder 6Statements of Assessment, 1942-1963
Scope note: Shows the total value of the several classes of personal property (e.g. sheep, swine, leaf tobacco, jewelry and precious stones), and kinds of land (agricultural, timber, residential, mercantile), and their assessed value. Reports went to the County Clerk, to the Supervisor of Assessments, and to the state Dept. of Taxation.
Box 5Folder 7Statements of Taxes and Indebtedness, School District Taxes, 1925-1930, 1938, 1942, 1944-1949, 1951-1953, 1955-1958, 1961, 1967-1968
Box 5Folder 8Tax Levy Report of School District Clerk to the Town Clerk, 1939, 1947, 1949-1952, 1956-1961

Box 2Folder 6Township Library, ca. 1895-1927
Scope note: Records of books belonging to the township library. Lists titles of books purchased, the cost, and in which district the books were deposited.

Box 2Folder 7Utilities, 1964, 1971-1972

Box 2Folder 8Vital Statistics Registers on State of Wisconsin Bureau of Vital Statistics forms (3 volumes)
Scope note: Includes Birth, 1940-1944; Marriage, 1937-1943; and Death, 1933-1946.

Box 2Folder 9Vocational School Tuition, 1955-1970
Scope note: Includes lists of Berry township residents attending MATC and their birth dates in statements from MATC seeking non-resident tuition payments.

Box 2Folder 10Zoning, 1962-1966-1970