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Creator Mental Health Association of Dane County (Wis.)
Title Mental Health Association of Dane County records
Dates of Creation 1934-1984.
Physical Description 11 small cartons, 1 full size archives box, 2 half size archives boxes, 1 flat box, 1 card file box, 1 box of videotapes
Language of Material English
Scope & Content Records of a group founded as the Dane County Mental Health Association for the purpose of supporting services and programs to promote mental health and to aid the mentally ill. Though incomplete, the records document well the organization's finances, its relationship with the United Way, its disaffiliation from the Wisconsin Association for Mental Health over financial issues, its efforts to define itself, and some of the workshops it conducted in the 1970s and 1980s.

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Further Details:

These records of the Mental Health Association of Dane County are only some of the records which must have been generated. The records are those kept in the association's office and as such do not contain details on the activities conducted by the many volunteers who worked on behalf of the organization and served as officers. The files also have many gaps, especially in the first half of the 1960s.

Best documented are the organization's finances, its relationship with the United Way and with the Wisconsin Association for Mental Health, and some of the workshops conducted in the 1970s and 1980s. Also present are several planning studies from the 1980s on the organization's role and its effectiveness.

The collection is organized in six categories: (1) Administrative and General Files, (2) Financial Records, (3) Programs and Projects, (4) Workshops and Conferences, (5) Other Groups, and (6) Miscellany.

The Administrative and General Files include basic documents such as the articles of incorporation and constitutions, records of annual membership meetings and of the Board of Directors, general correspondence and exchanges with the state and national associations of mental health, the planning studies, new clippings, and photographs, memorabilia, and a filmed public service announcement.

The Financial Records contain files on fund-raising campaigns among the general public and on membership campaigns, ledgers documenting income and expenses, and a myriad of detailed budgets, financial statements, audits, and submissions for United Way funding. General United Way communications which do not specifically relate to the Mental Health Association also have been retained to provide a more complete picture of the relationship of the United Way with its member agencies.

The Programs and Projects files are the least complete and only hint at details of some of the organization's major activities. The Workshops and Conferences files document 15 events. In this category are the collection's three videotapes which are from a 1980 conference on the stigma of mental illness and contain a presentation by Sue Estroff of the University of Wisconsin Dept. of Psychiatry.

The Other Groups category contains files on local groups also active in the mental health area but these files generally do not document joint activities with the Mental Health Association of Dane County. Most files are small and fragmentary but an exception is that on the Dane County Mental Health Center, an agency which the public often confused with the Mental Health Association.

The Miscellany contains several files that seemed to fit in none of the other categories.
Admin/Biographical History The Mental Health Association of Dane County was founded in 1953 as the Dane County Mental Health Association. It was established by a group of citizens who saw a need for an organization to protect the rights and serve the interests of the mentally ill and to encourage and support services and programs to promote mental health. The organization was always based primarily on the work of volunteers; its staff consisted of an executive director (often part-time) and at times clerical assistance.

Early projects were aimed primarily at recovery and rehabilitation. The group worked closely with Mendota Mental Health Institute patients, supporting a library there and driving patients to outings. They purchased, wrapped, and delivered Christmas gifts for elderly disturbed residents of the Dane County Hospital at Verona. First Friends, a program that lasted throughout the life of the association, trained volunteers to assist newly discharged Mendota residents.

The association began many services that were subsequently turned over to other agencies. One example is the Leigh Roberts House, a halfway house for disturbed women and children founded in 1964 at the request of the State Division of Mental Hygiene and the head of Mendota State Hospital. Cliff Hutchinson, executive director of the association from 1962 to 1974, headed the halfway house as well. Another example was a crisis intervention service begun in cooperation with University of Wisconsin Hospital that was turned over to the Dane County Mental Health Center.

In the 1970s the association sponsored numerous workshops such as one for bartenders, barbers, and beauticians on how to recognize people with mental health problems and ways to assist them. Other workshops focused on depression, teenagers, the elderly, and the stigma of mental health problems.

The county association affiliated with the Wisconsin Mental Health Association and National Mental Health Association. This eventually proved a problem however. These affiliates' financial requirements called for chapters to remit 50% of their income to state and national. After 1960, a major portion of the Dane County association's income came from the United Way and that organization wanted the money to stay with the county association. The Dane County association's board of the directors also wanted to keep a larger portion to finance the programs they felt were needed. Eventually this led to disaffiliation from the state and national groups in 1979.

After disaffiliation, the state association sponsored formation of a new county chapter. Other mental health organizations such as the Alliance for the Mentally Ill also came into existence. In 1982, the United Way discontinued funding for the Dane County Association. The group concluded that without resources and a diminished niche of need for its programs, it was time to dissolve. The membership voted to do so as of January 31, 1984.
Archival History Records were presented by the Mental Health Association of Dane County via Anne Edwardson, president, Madison, Wisconsin, February 1, 1984 . A few additions came from an unknown source in 1998. (Accession number 1984.001 and 1998.019)
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Subjects Mental health
Civic leaders
Charitable organizations
Community service
Places1 Dane County (Wis.)
Places2 Madison (Wis.)
Institutions1 Wisconsin Association for Mental Health
Institutions2 United Way of Dane County (Wis.)
Institutions3 Mental Health Association of Dane County (Wis.)
Institutions4 Dane County Mental Health Association (Wis.)
Object Name Records
Call Number ARM 84-01
Catalog ID Number 1984.001.0001
Collection Inventory The following 8-page inventory to the Mental Health Association of Dane County Records is included primarily for searching purposes. A more readable version is available the the Dane County Historical Society's records center. Please contact the DCHS for more information.

Contents List


Basic Documents:
Box 1Folder 1Charters and Articles of Incorporation, 1953-1979
Box 1 Folder 2Constitution and By-laws, 1953-1959, 1979-1983
Box 1Folder 3Constitutions and By-laws of State and National Associations and Models, 1954-1955 and undated
Box 1 Folder 4Dissolution, 1983-1984
Box 1 Folder 5Organizational Charts, 1978-1982 and undated

Annual Meetings:
Box 1 Folder 61953-1979
Box 1 Folder 71980-1984

Board of Directors, Executive Board, and Committees:

Agendas, Reports, and Minutes:
Box 1Folder 81953-1959
Box 1Folder 91960-1961
Box 1Folder 101962-1963
Box 1Folder 111964-1970
Box 1Folder 121971-1973
Box 1Folder 131974-1975
Box 1Folder 141976-1978
Box 1Folder 151979
Box 1Folder 161980
Box 1Folder 171981-1982
Box 1Folder 181983-1984

Box 1 Folder 191953-1973
Box 1 Folder 201974-1979
Box 1A Folder 11980-1983

Box 1A Folder 2Rosters, 1953-1984
Box 1A Folder 3Holiday and Annual Board Parties, 1972-1982
Box 1A Folder 4Orientation Manuals, 1976-1983
Box 1A Folder 5Aging, Committee on, 1974-1979
Alzheimer's Committee, see Dementia Task Force, Box 10 Folder 8
Box 1A Folder 6Assistance to Unemployed Committee and Resources, 1978-1981
Education Committee
Box 1A Folder 71955-1960, 1962-1964, 1968-1969, 1972-1973
Box 1A Folder 81974-1977
Box 1A Folder 91979-1982
Box 1A Folder 10Education Committee Resources
Intergenerational Sub-Committee (Children of Aging
Parents [CAPS] and Senior Share)
Box 1A Folder 111979, 1981
Box 1A Folder 121982
Box 1A Folder 131983
Box 1A Folder 14Nominating Committee, 1954, 1957, 1959, 1969, 1972, 1976-1977
Opportunities Committee, 1975-1976, see Transitional Living
Facilities Ad Hoc Committee, Box 2 Folder 3
Box 1A Folder 15Outreach Committee, 1976, 1981-1983
Personnel Committee, 1976-1982, see Personnel, Box 2A Folder 7
Box 1A Folder 16Planning Committee, July 1979
Box 1A Folder 17Professional Advisory Committee, 1958-1961
Box 1A Folder 19Public Information Committee, 1965, 1976, 1980-1981
Public Policy Committee
Box 1A Folder 201973-1974
Box 1A Folder 211975
Box 1A Folder 221976
Box 2Folder 11977-1980
Box 2Folder 2Public Relations Committee, 1963-1976
Box 2Folder 3Transitional Living Facilities Ad Hoc Committee, 1975-1977

Box 13Scrapbook, 1956-1964
Box 13Loose Clippings, 1959-1984

Box 12Filmed 30-second Public Service Announcement
Box 2Folder 4News Media
News Releases (incomplete)
Box 2Folder 51962-1971
Box 2Folder 61972-1983
Box 2Folder 7Newsletters, MHADC, 1973-1982, incomplete
Box 2Folder 8Newsletter Mailing Lists

General Correspondence and Papers:
Box 2 Folder 91953-1957
Box 2 Folder 101958-1976
Box 2 Folder 111977-1979
Box 2 Folder 121980-1984

Box 2 Folder 13Histories
Box 11Membership Directory Cards

Box 13Corporate Seal
Box 13Medallions and Tie Tacs

Box 2 Folder 14National Mental Health Association, 1959-1979
Box 2 Folder 15Operational Manual, 1957

Organization Studies and Plans:
Box 2A Folder 1Mission Statement and Long Range Planning, 1973-1981
Box 2A Folder 2Board of Directors Survey, 1980
Box 2A Folder 3MHADC and Related Organizations, 1980
Box 2A Folder 4UW Students/PCM Consultants Study, 1980
Box 2A Folder 5Roles of Board and Committees, 1983
Box 2A Folder 6Consultant Community, 1982-1983

Box 2A Folder 7Personnel, 1958-1981:
Box 2A Folder 8Manual, 1973-1981
Box 2A Folder 9Volunteer Program, 1978-1980

Box 13Photographs and Certificates

Wisconsin Association for Mental Health:
Box 2A Folder 101956-1969
Box 2A Folder 111970-1974
Box 2A Folder 121975
Box 2A Folder 131976
Box 2A Folder 141977
Box 2A Folder 171978
Box 2A Folder 161979
Box 2A Folder 191980
Box 2A Folder 181981-1984 (including information on lawsuits against WAMH and MHA, Dane County Chapter)


Budgets, Financial Statements, and Audits:
Box 3Folder 11953-1971
Box 3Folder 21972-1975
Box 3Folder 31976
Box 3Folder 41977-1980
Box 3Folder 51981-1984

Box 3Folder 6Budget Committee Manuals, 1968-1970
Box 3Folder 7Charitable Organization Annual Reports, 1974-1984
Box 3Folder 8Financial Support Review Ad Hoc Committee, 1977-1978 (see also Planning and Finance Committee Task Force file, Box 4 Folder 13)

Fund Raising:

Box 3Folder 91954-1955
Box 3Folder 101956
Box 3Folder 111957
Box 3Folder 121958
Box 3Folder 131959
Box 4Folder 11960-1980
Box 4Folder 21981
Box 4Folder 31982
Box 4Folder 41983

Box 4Folder 551.42 Proposals, 1976-1977
Box 4Folder 651.42 Peer Counseling Grant, 1982-1983
Box 4Folder 7Bequests, 1969-1982
Box 4Folder 8Carpentry (Donated Labor and Materials), 1958-1959
Box 4Folder 9Creative Rock Symposium Drug Project Grant, 1972
Box 4Folder 10Federal Service Campaign, 1957-1960
Box 4Folder 11"Loving Free" Dinner, 1975
Box 4Folder 12Memorials, 1965-1982
Box 4Folder 13Planning and Finance Committee Task Force, 1976, 1981
Box 4Folder 14Soda Bottle Return Program, 1970
Box 4Folder 15Stock Holdings, 1966-1973
Box 4Folder 16Wine and Food Tasting Night, 1969-1974

Box 4Folder 171960-1961
Box 4Folder 181961-1962
Box 4Folder 191962-1963
Box 4Folder 201963-1964 and 1964-1965
Box 4Folder 211965-1966 and 1966-1967
Box 5Folder 1Payroll Ledger Pages, 1964-1968
Box 5Folder 2Ledger Pages, 1968-1972
Box 5Folder 31973
Box 5Folder 41974
Box 5Folder 51975
Box 5Folder 61976
Box 5Folder 71977
Box 5Folder 81978
Box 5Folder 91979
Box 5Folder 101980-1981
Box 5Folder 111982-1983

Box 6Folder 1Membership Campaigns, 1953-1983

United Way:

Box 6Folder 21964-1974
Box 6Folder 31975-1976
Box 6Folder 41977
Box 6Folder 51978
Box 6Folder 61979
Box 6Folder 71980
Box 6Folder 81981

Box 6Folder 91957-1969
Box 6Folder 101970-1973
Box 7Folder 11974
Box 7Folder 21975
Box 7Folder 31976
Box 7Folder 41977
Box 7Folder 51978
Box 7Folder 61979
Box 7Folder 71980
Box 7Folder 81981
Box 7Folder 91982-1983


Box 7Folder 10Adult Living Project, 1980
Box 7Folder 11Advocate Position, 1979
Box 7Folder 12Aftercare Center, undated

Box 7Folder 131975-1980
Box 7Folder 141981-1984

Children of Again Parents (CAPS), see Intergenerational Sub-Committee, Box 1A Folders 11-13
Box 7Folder 15Christmas Gifts to Dane County Hospital and Home Patients, 1954-1972
Box 7Folder 16Club Program, 1973
Box 7Folder 17Crisis Cards, 1978-1980 (see also First Friends, Box 8A)
Box 7Folder 18Day Care Center, 1961-1963, 1965
Box 7Folder 19Depression Campaigns, 1976
Box 8Folder 1Early Crisis Intervention-Prevention Program for Adolescents and Their Families, 1981-1982
Box 8Folder 2Fee Inequities for ED Children in Wisconsin Institutions, 1964

First Friends Program:
Box 8Folder 11962-1965, 1967-1972, 1974
Box 8A Folder 21979-1983
Box 8A Folder 3First Friends Volunteers

Box 8Folder 3Halfway House, 1960-1969, 1974, 1977
Box 8Folder 4Industrial Mental Health, 1958-1960
Box 8Folder 5"Kids 'n' Cops," 1972
Box 8Folder 6Lakeshore Manor Closing, 1978
Box 8Folder 7May: Mental Health Month, 1964-1980

Box 8Folder 8Camping Support, 1966-1969
Library Support and Book Sale:
Box 8Folder 91960-1969
Box 8Folder 101970-1975

Box 8Folder 11Mental Health Bus Project, 1970-1973
Box 8Folder 12Mental Health Consortium, 1976, 1979-1983
Box 8Folder 13Parent Education Resources Publication, 1975
Box 1A Folder 18Public Education Committee (Coalition of Providers for the Chronically Mentally Ill [CPCMI], 1980
Box 8Folder 14Prevention Task Force, 1982
Box 8Folder 15Recovery, Inc., 1980-1983
Box 8Folder 16"Return to Earth" Broadcast, 1976
Senior Share, see Intergenerational Sub-Committee, Box 1A Folders 11-13

Sheltered Workshop:
Box 8Folder 17Correspondence, 1961-1962
Box 8Folder 18Proposals, Notes, Background, mostly undated

Box 8Folder 19Substitute Parent Project, 1974-1975
Box 8Folder 20Suicide Prevention, 1965-1969
Box 8Folder 21Teenwatch, 1970-1976


Box 8Folder 22Bartenders/Beauticians Workshops, 1972-1980
Box 9Folder 1Caring for the Difficult to Manage Resident (re: dementia), March 16-17, 1983
Box 9Folder 2Chronic Mental Illness Conference, Nov. 17, 1979
Box 9Folder 3The Clergy and Bereavement, Oct. 25, 1977
Box 9Folder 4Coping with the Stresses of Work and Everyday Living Workshop, Oct. 1980
Box 9Folder 5Coping with the Years Ahead…A Workshop for the Elderly and Their Children, Oct. 17, 1981
Box 9Folder 6Depression Public Meeting, May 26, 1977
Box 9Folder 7Discussion Group Leaders' Training, 1957-1960
Box 9Folder 8The Grief You Feel Workshops, 1974-1980
Box 9Folder 9Juvenile Court Program Conference: Identifying and Meeting the Needs of Adolescents, Sept. 10-11, 1975
Box 9Folder 10Parents and Teenagers-Living Together…and Liking It, May 16, 1981
Box 9Folder 11Practical Ways to Deal with Depression, Aug. 5, 1980
Box 9Folder 12Preparing for Retirement Classes, 1977-1981
Box 9Folder 13Sex Guidance in the Home, Nov.-Dec. 1956

Box 9Folder 14-15These Are Our Neighbors (Conference on Stigma), Sept. 6, 1980:
Box 12Presentation by Sue Estroff, UW Dept. of Psychiatry: three 30-minute videotapes


51.42 System:
Box 9Folder 16Miscellany, 1974, 1979-1982
Box 9Folder 17 Information and Referral Workgroup, 1977-1979

Adult Education Group:
Box 9Folder 181958-1959
Box 9Folder 191960

Box 9Folder 20Befrienders, 1980, 1983

Child Adolescent Services:
Box 9Folder 21Dane County Activities, 1972-1975
Box 9Folder 22Resource Materials

Box 9Folder 23Client Coordination Conference: Summary Report, Dec. 1979
Box 9Folder 24Childbirth and Parent Education Association of Madison, 1976
Box 9Folder 25Community Agencies - Allen Hall, Mendota Mental Health Institute,
PACT, PICADA, Tellurian, Visiting Nurses, YMCA
Box 9Folder 26Dane County Citizens' Task Force on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse by Young People: Report, May 1981
Box 9Folder 27Dane County Comprehensive Mental Health and Mental Retardation
Planning Committee Report, May 1981
Box 10Folder 1Dane County Commission on Aging: Newsletters, 1983, and "Over 60" Directory, 1979
Box 10Folder 2Dane County Guidance Center, 1961
Box 10Folder 3Dane County Interagency Prevention Group, 1978

Dane County Mental Health Center:
Box 10Folder 41968-1972
Box 10Folder 51973
Box 10Folder 61974
Box 10Folder 71975-1983

Box 10Folder 8Dementia Task Force, 1982-1983
Box 10Folder 9Family Enhancement Program (and Family Fair), 1979-1982
Box 10Folder 10Health Fest '80, 1980
Box 10Folder 11Health Planning Council, 1978-1979
Box 10Folder 12Miscellaneous
Box 10Folder 13Unified Services Board, 1982-1983
Box 10Folder 14U.W. School of Social Work, 1980-1982
Box 10Folder 15VIDA, 1980
Box 10Folder 16Volunteer Coordinators Forum, 1980-1981
Box 10Folder 17Youth Services Bureau and Consortium, 1977-1979


Box 10Folder 18Chronic Mentally Ill--Downtown Madison: Clippings, 1978-1981
Box 10Folder 19Depression: Resources

Box 10Folder 20Bills 1S-3S (Ch. 316-318), 1958-1959
Box 10Folder 21AB913 (Ch. 336), 1980
Box 10Folder 22Miscellaneous, 1961, 1977-1978

Box 10A Folder 1Mental Health Pamphlets Inventory
Box 10Folder 23PBS Documentary, "Back Wards to Back Streets," 1980
Box 10Folder 24Publications: MHA Wisconsin & MHA National, 1978
Box 10Folder 25Resources: Miscellaneous
Box 10Folder 26Unidentified Training Materials